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Users can setup their own marketplace, quickly and easily within a matter of minutes by listing their first product. of course, they can create several marketplaces should they have different products to sell.
The market is decentralized, therefore there are a few unique features. The transaction confirm sends and email to both the buyer and seller. It is up to the parties to confirm the details of the transaction. In the future this will be more automated but even then, it is the parties responsibility.
There is a place to add a URL to an off site marketplace making meCo strictly a marketing and community building platform with a quick and easy CTA to the product being offered.
Right now the transactions are setup for tRVN )or RVN) transactions and will eventually more versatile for other currency confirms. The benefit to many people will be they will learn how easily P2P transactions occur on blockchain and specifically, with the RVN chain, using testnet currency, so they have nothing to lose.
Of course, if when listing the product, an external link to the profile owners off site marketplace, meCo will not send any email confirms. Check out how easily this is to accomplish...

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