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“Bright Future” was made with all the love in my heart, and now it’s yours too.
Two Octobers ago my dear friend–the ineffable, astonishing, sweet and brilliant–Philip Weinrobe, the same Philip who recorded and co-produced ‘songs and instrumentals’, and I set out to create something–we didn’t know what. I try to take the pressure off when recording, telling myself that even if what comes of it is just more learning experience with music, that’ll be worthwhile. Well, at the end of the session it had been a worthwhile learning experience within itself, but also I felt so excited by and connected to the batch of songs we’d captured. We started with a week of just Phil and me. Solo songs. What came next was a beautiful happening. I was joined by the wildly talented Josefin Runsteen, the ever-brilliant Nick Hakim, and the extraordinary Mat Davidson. We played music together in a place, forest-framed, a land called Double Infinity. headphoneless and heart-forward, everyone gave of their love and passion.
The music jumped off the page and outta the frame, lifted off the earth, shifted some cells, broke open, then landed back a little more whole. The friendship and care I experienced from these four humans (Phil, Josefin, Nick and Mat) during the process was a gift that changed me and changes me still as it sinks in softly through time. That experience was recorded in my heart, as well as onto tape (almost can’t believe it!).
We didn’t listen back to the music once while everyone was together. We only played and felt it. It felt good. Then later, when Phil showed me what we did, it sounded good to me too.
It sounded sweet and rich, sounded real and detailed and up-close. I am humbled and grateful to work with masters–people who have been dedicated to their crafts so whole-heartedly and unflinchingly. People who teach me about music and life.
But what’s even stronger, is the honor I feel working with such kind-hearted and sweet and caring individuals, who in that space in time together exemplified what listening deeply means. That’s not an easy thing to do, and they made it look easy.
The utmost care was taken throughout the whole process, start to finish, to keep it all analog, triple A to the maximum, tape to tape to tape. I thank Josh Bonati for taking the beating heart of the thing we made and gently, with the fortitude of a guardian, transferring the music into its form, making sure what we did together translated through all the way to the physical grooves of its final vehicle.
I thank my particularly remarkable manager, Tom Wironen, for his thoroughness, tenderness and steadfast care for every detail of planning the release of this, along with the whole Friendly Announcer crew–Ari Fouriezos, Elise Leasure and Amy Fort.
Thank you all who listen. This is for you. Love always.

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