Mobile Legends Bang Bang Roamer : Meaning, Tasks, and Hero List

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A Roamer hero in Mobile Legends plays a significant role in determining the match's gameplay. If the Roamer role is performed well, victory can be achieved more easily.

The core of Mobile Legends Bang Bang gameplay is strong teamwork. Each team consists of five heroes with various roles. One crucial role is the ML Roamer.A Roamer hero in Mobile Legends plays a significant role in determining the match's gameplay. If the Roamer role is performed well, victory can be achieved more easily. For noobs who are still confused about what an ML Roamer is, what their functions are, and which heroes are suitable as Roamers, check out the following review!

What is an ML Roamer?

An ML Roamer in Mobile Legends is a role responsible for maintaining balance and assisting teammates during the game. As the name suggests, Roamers tend to move around or roam the map during the match.Generally, Roamers can be categorized into three types based on their tasks. Here are the types of Roamers used in MLBB:

· Damage Roamer: tasked with monitoring the macro, observing the map, and watching the enemy hero's position, including disturbing their farming by hiding in bushes.

· Defense Roamer: tasked with defending, protecting, and guarding the team during the match.

· Healer Roamer: tasked with healing teammates during the match.

One advantage of an MLBB Roamer is the ability to use special roaming items such as Courage, Shadow, and Awe Mask. These roaming items providing additional gold and EXP for users can be obtained by buying roaming equipment. To get quickly these roaming items, you are highly recommended to purchase Mobile Legends diamonds.

The type of hero most suitable for the Roamer role is Tank or Support. These types of heroes are known to have strong durability, fast speed, and the ability to gank easily.

In addition to choosing the right Tank or Support hero, strong strategy and smooth communication among team members are also crucial to achieving victory. Cooperation and equal skill levels among players also significantly impact the game's smoothness. Don't forget to choose a reliable Hyper ML.

Duties and Functions of a Mobile Legends Roamer

Before becoming a Roamer, you must know the duties and functions of a Roam role hero in MLBB. Check out the list below.

1. Monitoring the Map and Enemy Movements

An ML Roamer's task that players must master is monitoring the map during war. Not only watching but Roamers must also monitor enemy team movements, providing information about the enemy to teammates, including the enemy hero's location and their jungle.Additionally, this hero is tasked with assisting and predicting enemy movements and attacks. A Roamer can work with a Gold Laner hero to get gold during the match. The Roamer can call Hyper or Mage when the enemy Hyper comes against the Gold Laner.

2. Roamer ML Must Assist Teammates

Protecting and assisting teammates during battles is one of the main tasks of an ML Roamer. You must be able to read situations and stay alert. Always check the mini-map to be on guard if a teammate needs help.Roamers must also be prepared to lead teammates and take hits from enemies. This allows Assassin, Mage, and Marksman heroes to perform their roles more effectively.Roamers are usually equipped with healing effects, damage reduction, and crowd control skills that help teammates during matches. It's no wonder the Roam ML position is vital within the team.

3. Blocking Enemy Movements

Besides monitoring the map, a Roamer is also tasked with blocking enemy movements. Roamers usually hide in bushes before attacking the enemy.Roamers must also be willing to become shields for their team to take hits from enemies. This is because they typically have defense skills or longer durability, making them reliable during battles.

4. Strategizing and Initiating Team Fights

Tank and Support heroes usually have high skills, such as crowd control and slow effects, which can disrupt enemy team strategies. Besides relying on hero skills, Roamers must also strategize and initiate team fights with precise timing.During wars, Roamers are tasked with stopping enemies from taking the Lord or Turtle. The right timing and strategy will give your team an advantage in the battle.

5. Ambushing the Enemy Team

The role also involves ambushing and attacking the enemy team. Typically, Roamers are at the front lines during battles. Although they can ambush alone, they can also rely on teammates for this task.For practicality, don't forget to use features like the options to call teammates, such as Retreat, Launch Attack, and clicking on the big map.

List of Suitable Heroes as Mobile Legends Roamers

Although many Tank and Support heroes can be Roamers in battles, some are favored by gamers for their strong and effective skills during war.Who are the best ML Roamer role heroes? Do you have these heroes? Check out the list!


If you want a hero who can counter enemy crowd control skills, Ruby is the best option. This Tank and Fighter hero is known for her terrifying slow and crowd control skills. Ruby's ultimate skill, which can pull enemies, significantly impacts the team's gameplay. Her skills certainly make it difficult for the enemy team during team fights.


The next Tank hero often chosen to fill the Roam position during ML battles is Atlas. Atlas is known for his skills that are useful when accompanying Gold Lane heroes. Additionally, he has high durability and an ultimate skill that can deliver Fatal Links to enemies. Atlas's magic damage will undoubtedly make enemy heroes break into a cold sweat.


Estes can be a choice if you want to focus on playing as a Healer Roaming. This Support hero is known for his ultimate skill, Mystic Favor, which can heal all teammates within range. He is also equipped with a movement speed boost skill for himself and his teammates. The slow effect skill on enemies will certainly hinder their movements during war.


If there is a Hilda hero in the team, then the perfect role for her is Roam. Her Combat Ritual skill can attack enemies with quick movements while jumping. Hilda is also known for her shield skill that helps withstand damage and can increase her speed.


The next hero is Kaja, a Fighter and Support hero with an ultimate skill that can bind and pull enemies. Additionally, he has a skill that can stun enemies for a few moments. However, Kaja is known to often not last long during team fights. Therefore, pair this hero with a strong Assassin, Mage, or Marksman.

All in all, these 5 best heroes are powerful and suitable as Mobile Legends Roamers. If you haven’t yet owned them, it can be a great loss! Now you can choose to top up MLBB to get Mobile Legends diamonds directly, without having to collect coins for a long time.

So, those are the details about the Roamer role in Mobile Legends that you need to know. If you become a Roamer, perform your chosen hero's duties and functions to the fullest!