Privacy Policy

MeCo is the 'Me Company'?

We are reminding/teaching people about accountability and control. If you don't like something; you are in control... block it...! We do not take a cut of any transaction... Know who you are dealing with; know that there are scammers out there; and cover your ass... Blockchain is great, but we are just a platform and have ZERO control over any users monetary accts so we cannot reverse any transaction. [Most] blockchains are the same; you cannot reverse a transaction. Know what you are doing before you do it...! In a society of people that out source everything you need to grow up and accept the result of your actions. This is just a prototype and no real exchange is encouraged (except donations) If you do a transaction P2P; beware of the consequences.. they're on you...!! This is no legal jargon; this is just the group with a dream, painting a picture... If you fuck up; don't steal our sunshine..!! Own and fix it..!!

What information do we collect?

None...!! In the prototype, we will try to assure all accounts are 'real people'; we will ask for 2FA to try and prevent scammers. In the future, we will be out sourcing KYC... they may collect data, but that will be between you and them... We will collect what you post to the public... Not much more of anything else. As we get closer to the final product, it will be on W3 and most data we will not even have; you, the user, will.

W3 is Web 3.0... brace yourself; you are at the birth of a revolution in technology. the distributed web will be the introduction of shared data, without centralized servers.. we plan to be one of them...

How do we use personal information?

We wont...

What legal basis do we have for processing your personal data?

We wont... Describe the relevant processing conditions contained within the GDPR. There are six possible legal grounds: consent-you published it...we didn't..!! contract... you provided it...!! legitimate interests... We are not partners; we just want to help you with new controls... all transactions are yours and your counter party... we get none of it.... vital interests... We take a small fee to add the important info you create to be on blockchain,. This is to ensure you are accountable for your actions... Own it bitches...!! public task ... To bring back the free market and free speech. legal obligation... Is on you... We are just a tool for you to create your own 'Me Co'; For you to learn the new tech, promote yourself, and monetize (if you choose to, you presence. Our tool is to intro the world to bockchain tools... know your tools.. it is a wild west frontier, many will fail, few will become giants... MANY will just be represented on chain.

In the prototype, most of the sidebar menus were not modified from the WoWonder clone. If you like/follow a group or page or whatever, you may get some profiles pushed to you. If you don't like them, block, unfollow... or if need be... have mommy do it for you... own it...!! In the future, we will potential have some controls of the main 'categories', but we will not promote users... If you follow sports, you may get some sports people come accross your timeline. We will add feature for you to finetune this if we do so...

When do we share personal data?

We don't; we plan on avoiding, as much as possible, having nothing more than you, the users, make public.., . Explain that you will treat personal data confidentially and describe the circumstances when you might disclose or share it. You should provide information on: how you will share the data... We won't; that's on you... the user; ffs you published it..!! what safeguards you will have in place... blocking mechanisms... Own it... Put on big bot pants and control it...!! what parties you may share the data with and why... Just the users.... You all are the publishers... sharing with each other.. WE are only providing you the tools to do so... Own it..

Where do we store and process personal data?

If applicable, explain if you intend to store and process data outside of the data subject’s home country. Outline the steps you will take to ensure the data is processed according to your privacy policy and the applicable law of the country where data is located.... we may have to for the prototype... not sure If you transfer data outside the European Economic Area, outline the measures you will put in place to provide an appropriate level of data privacy protection. Eg contractual clauses, data transfer agreements, etc.

How do we secure personal data?

We don't want any... as much as possible will be on chain

How long do we keep your personal data for?

The blockchain will have it

If you cannot state a specific period, you need to set out the criteria you will apply to determine how long to keep the data for (eg local laws, contractual obligations, etc) The blcokchain will have it

You should also outline how you securely dispose of data after you no longer need it. The blcokchain will have it

Your rights in relation to personal data

Under the GDPR, you must respect the right of data subjects to access and control their personal data. In your privacy notice, you must outline their rights in respect of: access to personal information correction and deletion withdrawal of consent (if processing data on condition of consent) data portability restriction of processing and objection lodging a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office You should explain how individuals can exercise their rights, and how you plan to respond to subject data requests. State if any relevant exemptions may apply and set out any identity verifications procedures you may rely on. Include details of the circumstances where data subject rights may be limited, eg if fulfilling the data subject request may expose personal data about another person, or if you’re asked to delete data which you are required to keep by law. The blcokchain will have it

Use of automated decision-making and profiling

Where you use profiling or other automated decision-making, you must disclose this in your privacy policy. In such cases, you must provide details on existence of any automated decision-making, together with information about the logic involved, and the likely significance and consequences of the processing of the individual.

How to contact us?

Explain how data subject can get in touch if they have questions or concerns about your privacy practices, their personal information, or if they wish to file a complaint. Describe all ways in which they can contact you – eg online, by email or postal mail.

If applicable, you may also include information on:

Use of cookies and other technologies

You may include a link to further information, or describe within the policy if you intend to set and use cookies, tracking and similar technologies to store and manage user preferences on your website, advertise, enable content or otherwise analyse user and usage data. Provide information on what types of cookies and technologies you use, why you use them and how an individual can control and manage them.

Linking to other websites / third party content If you link to external sites and resources from your website, be specific on whether this constitutes endorsement, and if you take any responsibility for the content (or information contained within) any linked website. The users will control all links In many cases, tools will be outsourced to blockchains; there will be several options for the user to select from.

You may wish to consider adding other optional clauses to your privacy policy, depending on your business’ circumstances. It's a social media; what users expose, will be public.