Terms of Use

1- Own it; if you don't like something, block it... grow up ffs...!!.

We are reminding/teaching people about accountability and control. If you don't like something; you are in control... block it...! We do not take a cut of any transaction... Know who you are dealing with; know that there are scammers out there; and cover your ass... Blockchain is great, but we are just a platform and have ZERO control over any users monetary accts so we cannot reverse any transaction. [Most] blockchains are the same; you cannot reverse a transaction. Know what you are doing before you do it...! In a society of people that out source everything you need to grow up and accept the result of your actions. This is just a prototype and no real exchange is encouraged (except donations) If you do a transaction P2P; beware of the consequences.. they're on you...!! This is no legal jargon; this is just the group with a dream, painting a picture... If you fuck up; don't steal our sunshine..!! Own and fix it..!!